Someone needs to explain this to me…

I’m a good person. I’m not a great person, but overall I’m pretty good. Seems like a small thing- a slight switch it adjectives- but the difference is immense.

I’m friendly… but often let my awkwardness keep me from reaching out first.
I have good intentions… but don’t always follow through.
I’m compassionate… but struggle with vulnerability.

And then there are those who are great.

Those people that radiate an energy that draws others in- I’d say like a moth to a flame but really it’s more like the lure of fresh-baked cookies.

Those people that simply spotting them in a crowd makes you feel like you’re where you belong.

Those people that that carry the warmth of home wherever they go.

I say “those people” like there’s countless of them. There’s not.

In actuality they’re pretty rare. And sometimes it takes a minute to realize that this is what genuine looks like.


The ability- the willingness- to cheer louder for you, knowing it doesn’t diminish their own celebration.

The courage to be vulnerable with essential strangers creating connection and comfort when it’s least expected.

The kindness to pull up an extra chair to share more laughter instead of judgment.

We’re pretty fortunate when our path crosses with a great human. Even more incredible when it happens more than once…

finding people who make you feel like a better person, simply because you’re in their presence.

So someone’s going to have to seriously explain to me how horrible shit happens to these souls.

Because truly- I don’t get it.

Not that I wish ill on anyone- although I guess I kinda do because what about the pedophiles, terrorists, abusers, and all-around asshats? Why can’t this inexplicable madness fall on their shoulders?

It makes no sense.

So we pray, send healing energy or positive thoughts… whatever it is we do. And yet we feel helpless.

But, maybe while they absorb the prayers, thoughts, and energy, we also need to pick up the slack.

Maybe it’s their way of reminding us- “hey! I love you — but I could use a little help-“

We know what they would do…

Skip the judgement- we’re all already aware of our own shit.
Say hello first.
Give the compliment.
Send the letter.
Celebrate someone else’s win.
Pull up an extra chair.
Hug tightly.
Make the plans.
Laugh loudly.
Listen without distraction.
Live purposely.

Maybe today we just need to be great for them.

And then maybe, someone can still explain it all to me.

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